Adhesion of SetLance to BEAM Alliance

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Date: March 2015

Launch of BEAM Alliance – Biotechs of Europe innovating againts Anti-Microbial resistance


The BEAM Alliance intends to:
•Regroup European emerging biotech companies who are involved in developing innovative products to tackle antimicrobial resistance ;
•Represent them with a unique voice to propose and support policies and regulatory solutions to member-identified problems;

In order to reinforce the attractiveness of this therapeutic area, support the development of new products and accelerate market access of such new products for the European patients. The Group seeks to collaborate with the existing community of stakeholders dedicated to implementing tangible solutions to combat this serious public health issue. Our mission is to recommend incentives that warrant further consideration and action to policymakers and others to overcome these challenges and address the threat of antibacterial resistance, now and in the future.


2nd PneumoNP Progress Meeting

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Project Progress Meetings

Date:22.01.2015 – 23.01.2015
Location/Venue: Erasmus University, Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Organisers: Jost Janine


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Invited communication at the 'Antibiotic Alternatives for the new millenium' Conference. London, November 2014



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Invited presentation at the Antibacterial Drug Developmen Summit, Boston October 2014

1st PneumoNP Progress Meeting

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Project Progress Meetings
Date:16.06.2014 – 17.06.2014
Location/Venue: Utrecht University, Utrecht, the Netherlands
Organisers: Jost Janine

SetLance awarded EU grant

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PneumoNP is a collaborative research program funded under the Seventh Framework Programme, FP7, with a € 5.7 million grant.